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Conveniently located on an excessively verdant peninsula just 25 minutes away from Skiathos international Airport, and within 15 minutes driven distance of the vibrant and picturesque harbor side  main village of the island,  Skiathos Blu is a superb setting – an idyllic blend of beach and mountain scenery at every corner.

Skiathos Blu : easy island living

Recently renovated the interior is impressive and elegant, reflecting a stylish blend of contemporary design with traditional elements such us local stonework, rustic arches and chestnut ceilings .

A unique sense of exclusivity enwraps guests the moment they enter the slick white aesthetics lobby , and a feeling of easy island living accompanies them throughout their stay on this exclusive sun-splashed location.

Original hand made pavings snaking their way through typical whitewashed greek style buildings, lead to an idyllic sandy beach. The simple white geometric volumes, incorporated into the lush yet wild landscaping, embrace the sweeping views of the peninsula and the aegean sea.

Here nature is powerful , peace is intense, harmony is full.

About Skiathos island

Deservedly characterized the Queen of the Sporades island complex, Skiathos is an island full of contradictions, which create a unique summer experience.

Lush pine forests and fields of olive groves are setting the mood of this verdurous scenery complemented by some of Europe’s most unspoiled beaches.

Approximately 60  of them, different in style and size, are inviting visitors to explore them, with the majority featuring golden sand or white peddles and large shadows thrown by tall pine trees reaching the shores, while all of them sparkle with crystal-clear azure waters.

about skiathos blu hotel

The island offers a great variety of exhilarating water sports, day cruises and vivid beach bars, whereas for those who appreciate privacy, the beaches in the western part of the island will make you wish you never leave.

One thing is certain, the visitors of this island always return. It might be because of the unique beauty, the people, the lifestyle or all of them combined, its up to you to find out.

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