Covid measures

Safety and prevention measures against covid-19

Implemented in Skiathos Blu Hotel

Sanitation and disinfection protocols have never been negotiable in our hotel. Since its inauguration, the safety of our guests and ensuring an impeccable cleanliness have been our main concerns because without them we would not have been able to offer the desired high standard travel experiences. In the current epidemiological context, we have implemented a number of additional precautionary measures to provide our guests with quality services in maximum safety. They are based on the applicable regulations, as well as the recommendations of the national and international health authorities:

  • Prior to reopening, we performed both a general cleaning and a professional disinfection of all common areas within the hotel and those intended for accommodation (rooms).
  • Between guests’ accommodations in the same room we will ensure the proper ventilation, the cleaning of the rooms will be carried out according to rigorous and up-to-date internal procedures, being completed by a disinfection process. To this end, we use cleaning and disinfection products authorized by the Ministry of Health, according to the protocols provided by our supplier.
  • Cleaning in occupied rooms will be carried out strictly with the permission and based on a request addressed to the reception staff; with the recommendation for the guest not to be present in the room during the process. The same procedure applies to any technical intervention required during a guest’s stay. The members of the housekeeping and technical staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (face mask, disposable gloves, head and shoe covers).
  • Dirty linen, towels and bathrobes collected from the rooms are safely transported to the laundry room, where they are washed and disinfected at a temperature of 90 degrees. To this end we use detergents and disinfectants authorized by the Ministry of Health, according to the protocols provided by our supplier.
  • We have removed from the rooms those elements that present a risk of contamination and are difficult to disinfect (for example, informational and / or promotional materials) – on request, they are available to guests both in printed version at the hotel reception as well as in electronic format. The products from the minibar were also removed from the rooms and can now be purchased at the reception. We replaced the drinking glasses in the rooms with disposable ones.
  • We provide individual cosmetics in all rooms (dispensers are no longer used).
  • We have increased the frequency of sanitation in public spaces. Cleaning and disinfection is performed at intervals of maximum 2 hours. We pay special attention on disinfecting direct contact surfaces (for example, handles, railings, switches, countertops, etc.).
  • We placed disinfectant mats at the main entrances. In the common areas guests have dispensers with hand sanitizer at their disposal. At the same time, in these disinfection points we promote basic prevention measures, through posters with relevant information in this regard.
  • Members of the front desk staff are constantly using personal protective equipment (disposable face mask and gloves). The use of a mask and hand sanitization are mandatory in all common areas of the hotel, both for employees and guests.
  • Prevention of possible congestion in the reception area (for example, at check-in / check-out) is accomplished by special markings on the floor, to ensure the minimum safety distance.
  • We assure disinfection of room access cards.
  • To reduce direct interaction with front desk staff, we recommend online check in or providing identification information by electronic means, as well as payment by card or wire transfer.
  • We constantly monitor the health of hotel employees. All our colleagues are thoroughly trained to comply with the applicable safety and sanitation standards.